How Many Miles do I Need to Accumulate to Get a Free Ticket?

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How many miles do I need to accumulate and earn to get a free ticket to travel? We are going to use an emblematic and coveted city for all Latins, Miami, in the state of Florida, where we all want to travel and from there, if possible, take a trip to Disney! You are going to learn how to earn and get free miles.

Playa Miami Beach Millas Pasaje Gratis

The minimum miles required from Buenos Aires to obtain a free ticket in the most important Frequent Flyer Programs in Argentina are:

LATAM: 43,500 Miles
Aerolíneas Argentinas: 40,000 Miles
American Airlines: 60,000 Miles
50,000 Life Miles
Copa Airlines
50,000 Miles

It seems like a lot of miles, but don’t think it is. As you start collecting free miles by different means (and learning how to earn free miles and how to accumulate free miles), you realize that it is quite affordable to get a free ticket to travel around the world, in our case to Miami!

Every time we fill up with gas, when we go to the supermarket, if we go to the movies, when we use our credit cards, if we take out car or home insurance, there are so many circumstances in which we can earn miles that accumulating them is easy, but the important thing is to find out, to be informed, to know where to buy.

Strategies to Buy Cheaper Airfare

LATAM and Aerolineas Argentinas make it easier to get a free ticket, since they have many agreements with affiliated companies and miles can be earned much faster.

AVIS España Millon AVIOS IBERIA Plus Millas Pasaje Gratis

Of course there are always promotions to get the tickets for less miles, and when they come out and the airlines publish them, I will share them with you. You know the famous Cyber Friday, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Black Monday, etc.

To give you an idea, in 2019 a LATAM Pass ticket for which they usually ask 43,500 miles, there have been promotions for 29,900 miles, incredible!!! And if you add to this amount of miles the possibility of buying them with discounts, the final price is much lower.

The ideal, for those who can do it, is to buy miles with promotions and wait for offers like the ones I told you about, to be able to combine the purchase and redemption at more convenient prices.

The price of a mile at the cheapest time in recent years has been 0.0128 cents per mile. If we multiply this price by 29,900 we get a purchase cost of 383 dollars plus approximately 100 dollars more for taxes. Therefore, we would be buying a ticket Buenos Aires – Miami (round trip) for 483 dollars. As you know, this is a very cheap price and almost impossible to get.

What do you have to do to get your airline ticket?

But it takes time and patience for this kind of promotions to happen. Imagine also if instead of buying all the miles together, you can accumulate them with the benefits given by the airlines (credit cards, fuel, movies, supermarkets, etc.), and in this way the amount to buy is less and of course the price too.

Soon I will make a list of the other countries in the region, so that you can evaluate how many miles you must accumulate to get a free ticket from your country! Little by little I will be adding data to the table of the destination Miami from different points of the continent and using different airlines.

List of Number of Miles per Airline for Travel to Miami.
How many Miles do I need for a Free Ticket?

To start with the promised list, we will start one airline at a time, since there are many airlines and many cities of origin to Miami. The amounts are expressed for the cheapest mileage rate of each airline.

To Miami with LATAM from:
Logo Latam Millas Pasaje Gratis

Santiago de Chile (Chile): 43,500 miles
Lima (Peru): 34,000miles
Rosario (Argentine): 43,500 miles
Quito (Ecuador): 27,500 miles
Bogota (Colombia): 13,000 miles
Buenos Aires (Argentine): 43,500 miles
Medellin (Colombia): 17,500 miles
Guayaquil (Ecuador): 27,500 miles
Cali (Colombia): 17,500 miles
Cordoba (Argentine): 43,500 miles

To Miami with Copa Airlines from:
Logo Copa Airlines

Santiago de Chile (Chile): 50,000 miles
Lima (Peru): 30,000 miles
Rosario (Argentine): 50,000 miles
Quito (Ecuador): 30,000 miles
Bogota (Colombia): 30,000 miles
Buenos Aires (Argentine): 50,000 miles
Medellin (Colombia): 30,000 miles
Guayaquil (Ecuador): 30,000 miles
Cali (Colombia): 30,000 miles
Cordoba (Argentine): 50,000 miles

To Miami with Aerolíneas Argentinas from:
Logo Aerolineas Argentinas Cuántas Millas Necesito para un Pasaje Gratis

Santiago de Chile (Chile): 40,000 miles
Lima (Peru): 45,000 miles
Rosario (Argentine): 35,000 miles
Buenos Aires (Argentina): 35,000 miles
Cordoba (Argentina): 35,000 miles

To Miami with Avianca from:
Logo Avianca

Santiago de Chile (Chile): 45,000 LifeMiles
San Pablo (Brazil): 56,000 LifeMiles
Buenos Aires (Argentine): 50,000 LifeMiles
Guayaquil (Ecuador): 30,000 LifeMiles
Bogota (Colombia): 30,000 LifeMiles
Quito (Ecuador):  30,000 LifeMiles
Medellin (Colombia): 30,000 LifeMiles
Cali (Colombia): 30,000 LifeMiles

If you want to know how to redeem miles for free tickets with LATAM (LATAM Pass), click here.

If you want to know how to redeem miles for free tickets with Aerolíneas Argentinas (Aerolíneas Plus), click here.

Greetings to all!

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